Falling for Fashion!

My Top 10 Trends for Fall 2018

1. Oversized Outerwear

  • This is probably my favorite trend

  • You can never go wrong with a big puffy jacket. Plus, it will keep you warm

2. Perennials

  • I'm not a huge flower print gal, but if it's your thing, rock a bold print this fall!

flower print.jpg


3. '80s Redux

  • Hit the runway with black leather and bold shoulders

  • This screams powerful woman!



4. 2018 or 3060?

  • The future is now.

  • Rock those iridescent holograms, shiny silver jackets, and transparent plastic ponchos.



5. Faux Pas or Faux Fur?

  • Fur is always in for fall and winter, so have a little fun with it

  • Go for faux fur, because we don't like to kill animals!

  • The teddy bear goat is still in, so work it!

    • it's also the most comfortable thing I've ever owned

    • If you can't afford the classic I.AM.GIA piece, I have a great dupe from shein

  • Vintaged inspired furs are in for this year.

faux fur.jpg


6. Power Red

  • Nothing says powerful woman like an all red outfit, a routfit.

all red


7. Gliteratti Boots

  • This one is definitely not for everyone, but if you're all about the glitz and glam, this is the trend for you.

glitter boots.jpg


8. Western Front

  • More than the basic fall flannel, throw on some steel-toed boots and a leather vest this harvest season.

  • '70s Plaid

    • Ditch the '90s grunge and throw on some stylish vintage plaid trousers.



9. Leisure Suits

  • This is another one of my favorites.

  • No one rocks a good tracksuit like my girl Yara Shahidi.

  • Comfy and stylish, a tracksuit looks great on anyone.

  • Can be worn with your favorite sneaks or stilettos like the queen herself, Rihanna.



10. Blazers and Broad Shoulders

  • Raid your grandpas closet, or hit the thrift store, because shoulder pads are back.