Hey Macklemore, Can we go thrift shopping??

a comprehensive guide to all things thrift shopping

If you've never been thrifting before, it can be a bit indimidating.  I've compiled a basic list of my top ten tips for finding the best stuff.

  1. Be prepared
    • You need to set aside the whole day, because even if you are only planning on hitting one thrift store, you might be there for a while.  

    • One of the most important parts of thrifting is your mental state. It's essential to fill up your mental tank before you fill up your gas tank.  Get a good night's sleep; thrifting will definitely take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally, so you need to be ready.  Your incredible finds will be worth it I promise.  On the contrary, be prepared to come home empty handed.

    • Wear something that you can easily throw stuff on top of, like a tank top or t shirt, and shorts or a skirt.  A flowy skirt is good because you can try on pants without having to go to the fitting room.  If you're not in the mood for wearing a skirt, I would go for a comfy pair of flowy shorts or running shorts.\

  2. Bring a friend, or not!

    • Personally, I prefer to thrift on my own.

      • This way, I can take as much time as I want, and I can buy what I really love.

    • However, if you are nervous to go alone, bring a good friend, or your mom!

      • If you're bringing a friend, definitely bring someone who either has a very different style from you, or is a very different size from you.  Every item you find is going to be one of a kind, so to avoid a dramatic movie scene where you both grab that beautiful '80s Chanel bag at the same time, follow this rule.

  3. Go in with an open mind
    • Some people think it's good to go in with a list of what you want, so you don't get overwhelmed.  However, I think it's best to go in with a clear head, because you never know what you're going to find.  

    • Be ready to look at every section.  The men's section is a major key.  Also the little boys section.  I honestly never find anything in the women's section.  

  4. Look for quality over quanity
    • The thrift store is the perfect place to find the intersection between a quality piece and a good deal.

  5. Check for stains!  Super super important.  

    • If theres a stain, decide if it will come out easily, and how much you care about the item

  6. Think about how you're going to wear the piece
    • Imagine where you are going to wear the piece, and how you will style it with the pieces you already own.

  7. Be ready to sew and DIY
    • If you love the fabric and you have a sewing machine, go for it!

    • Think about non-traditional ways in which you could wear the piece.  That men's button-up could be a dress, or that shirt could be a tie-front crop top.

    • Don't be afraid of sewing!  You can easily make a jean skirt out of those men's vintage Levi's!

  8. Don't impulse buy!
    • don't buy random things just because they're cheap, or they caught your eye on the rack.

  9. Be Patient.

    • Patience is a virtue.  Don't get upset if you don't find a steal right away.  You gotta dig through the dirt to find the gold!

  10. Have fun with it!!!!!

    • The most important thing is to enjoy yourself.  Buy something you normally wouldn't wear, but has the style you are going for.