small tonz, big world

student, feminist, dog lover


Photos by Zoe Ades.

Antonia graduated from Newark Academy in 2018, and she is soon to be starting her freshman year at Middlebury College in Vermont.  She is not sure what she wants to major in, but she’s interested in psychology, math, gender studies, marketing, art, and environmental science. She is a “feb”, which means that she is taking a gap semester, and starting school in February.  During her “febmester” she plans to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain with her mom.  Afterwards, she will be volunteering with children in Bali, Thailand, and Greece with one of her best friends. During her trip, she hopes to work on an initiative with her friend to educate girls on their rights, and what is accessible to them, as well as run some sort of period or contraception campaign. 


Antonia spent her junior spring semester of high school at a semester school based in Idaho called the Alzar School.  During the semester, she did lots of backpacking and kayaking, as well as embarking on a six week trip to Chile, where she engaged in cultural immersion as well as wilderness exploration. Antonia loves anything outdoorsy, especially skiing and hiking with her two dogs.  Antonia is a huge supporter of the menstrual cup revolution, what she believes to be a wonderful intersection between feminism and environmentalism.  Antonia loves being outside, ceramics, makeup, shopping at target/ikea, dogs, volleyball, fashion, and listening to music on rooftops.  Antonia’s favorite hobby is asian squatting in public. Antonia also believes that access to higher education, especially for females, should be a priority.  Antonia loves her crazy Korean family more than anything. She is is a first generation American. While she doesn’t speak much Korean, she loves Korean food and Korean culture.  As a minority, she believes that all feminism should be intersectional feminism, and that everyone deserves a chance. 


Antonia has always been interested in women’s rights.  She is especially passionate about representation of minorities in the media, destigmatizing periods, women in the workforce, and dismantling rape culture.  She really doesn’t think sex has to be that big of a deal, while she also cares about safe sex practices and despises the concept of virginity.  Antonia loves rap music, especially Chance the Rapper, Noname, Kendrick Lamar, and Joey Bada$$.  She is moved and energized by the wordplay and depth of thematic content contained in rap music.  Her biggest female inspirations are Yara Shahidi, Zendaya, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and of course, her mother. She believes that there is nothing stronger than girls’ ability to support each other. Antonia feels strongly that feminism is for everybody.  She is a part of a website called The Real Sex Talk because she believes deeply in the unparalleled power of social media to reach young people and change the world.  In fact, she met Founder Molly on Facebook!  Antonia dreams to be Beyoncé’s stylist, however, given that this is a bit of a pipe dream, she hopes to run a feminist magazine or start some sort of business.